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2002 Repertoire

MSR #1

Hugh Kennedy. M.A. B.Sc. P.R MacLeod
Maggie Cameron Traditional
Bessie MacIntyre W. MacLean

MSR #2

Brig. Gen. Ronald Cheape of Tiroran W. Ross
The Shepherd's Crook Traditional
The Brown Haired Maid Traditional, Arr: D. MacLeod


Hugh MacDonald J. MacKay, Arr: M. Green and R. Scott
The Strathspey King G.S. McLennan
Craig-a-Bodich D. MacLeod
Pipe Major John Burgess A. MacDonald, Arr: J. Wassman
Shoshanna's Lullaby Ian Lyons
Within a Mile of Dublin Traditional
Andy in the Alley J. MacLean, Arr: J. Wassman
Rocking the Baby Traditional
100% Fat Free B. O'Sullivan


Dr. MacInnes' Fancy D. MacLeod
Mozart on the Rampage D. Barnes


Bengullion R. Fleming
Mrs. Lily Christie D.S. Ramsay
Rab's Wedding J. Kerr

Old Adam Traditional
Dornach Highland Gathering K. MacRae
Una Robertson D. Barnes


Loch Maree Traditional
Far Over Struy J.P. MacLeod

Lochanside J. MacLellan
Kilworth Hills G.S. McLennan

The Green Hills of Tyrol J. MacLeod
When the Battle Is Over W. Robb


The 79ths Farewell to Gibraltar J. MacDonald
Royal Scots Polka W. Denholm


Cabar Feidh Traditional
Jimmy Findlater Traditional

The Battle of Waterloo Traditional
The Road to Balquhidder Traditional, Arr:D. MacLeod
Flett from Flotta D. MacLeod
Lord Lovat's Lament Traditional

The Music Man Although rooted with many traditional piping compositions, the Monaghan Pipe Band also plays tunes by in-house composer Byrne O'Sullivan who has written "100% Fat Free", "Pipe Major Thomas Hoins" and "Lucky 13th". Byrne typesets all the piping scores, both his own and the oldies, with Bagpipe Music Writer Gold. He continues Monaghan's tradition of playing fresh, innovative music that was started by former Monaghan Pipe Major Jim Neggie who wrote the ever-popular "Duffy's Delight", "Not of the Celtic Idiom" and "Ruxton's Head".
Byrne O'Sullivan

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