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Pipe Corps

John Wassman John Wassman serves as the bands Pipe Major, which in effect makes him the piping instructor and the overall musical director. Click here for more information on John.

Pipe Major

Peter Skae Pipe Sergeant Peter Skae has been an open/professional piper since 1991. Peter began piping under the instruction of Ed Larkin and was an original member of the Rockland County AOH Pipe Band. Peter furthered his piping skills under Joe Brady, Jr. and James Kerr, and is currently a student of James Stack. In addition to Rockland and Monaghan, Peter has also played with the Worcester Kiltie Pipe Band and the FBI Pipe Band. email
 Peter Skae

Joe Brady. Jr. Joe Brady, Jr. is a world renown piper and drum major, as well as the personal piper to New York State Governor George Pataki. Joe leads the New York City St. Patrick's Parade each year as the 69th Regimental Piper. Joe is also the founder of the FBI Pipe Band and a seventeen year member of the Worcester Kiltie Pipe Band, which historically and presently is one of the countries top bands.

J Brady

Jared Brogan Jared Brogan began piping in 1993 at the age of thirteen under the instruction of Bob Hanley. Over the years, further instruction and lessons were received by Angus MacDonald, Dixie Ingram, and John Wassman. From 1993-1999, he competed with the New York City Department of Correction Pipe Band as they dominated the Grade Four circuit. In 2000, Jared took a year off from band competition and focused on solos. He succeeded and earned an upgrade for the 2001 season. In the Fall of 2000, he joined the ranks of Monaghan where he hopes to continue his achievements. Jared is a senior in college who is planning on going to graduate school for a degree in Speech/Language Pathology.

J Brogan

Timothy Brunton Timothy Brunton, write something up for us Tim.

Timothy Brunton

Eddie Cameron Eddie Cameron, a native of Dumbarton Scotland, began piping in 1993 at the age of sixteen under the instruction of Kornel Burnacz. Eddie joined Monaghan for the 1996 season after competeing for a year in Grade IV with the County Tyrone Pipe Band. Since joining Monaghan, Tom Hoins and John Wassman have been his principle instructors. Ed plays a set of Naill pipes and has served with distinction as a Grade V bass drummer. Eddie holds an MA in American History from St. John's University and is currently working towards an M.Ed. Eddie presently teaches at an elementary school on Long Island.

Eddie Cameron

Lachlan Cameron Lachlan Cameron has been part of the Monaghan Pipe Corps for over a zillion years. A grade three soloist, Lachlan is a long time student of John Wassman. Lachlan serves as the band's quartermaster.

Lachlan Cameron

Peter Duffy Peter Brendan Duffy first joined the band in the 1960s. He is a native of Clontibret, County Monaghan. His career with the band spans five decades and two generations, as his three children have played with the band.
Peter Duffy

Bob Hanley Bob Hanley has recently come on board after his long tenure with the New York City Department of Corrections Pipe Band which he founded and served as the pipe major for I don't know how many years.

Bob Hanley

Tom Hoins Tom Hoins served as the band's pipe major from 1991 through 2000. He brought a world of experience with him from his playing days with two of Ireland's best bands; St. Patrick's - Donaghmore, and Ballinderry Bridge. In Monaghan's seventy years, Tommy is the first pipe major to bring the band all the way to grade three.
Tom Hoins

Chris Jones Chris is a Grade II individual competitor and student of John Wassman. He has also received technical instruction from Jim McGillivray and Bob Worrall. Chris began piping as an adult (at 26) but was a classical musician from a young age playing violin/viola. He has a BA in Music from Bucknell U. (1985). Chris competed with the New York City Dept. of Correction Pipe Band 1996 – 1999 including a trip to the World Pipe Band Championships. Chris is married with 3 daughters. He holds an MBA from Seton Hall and is a data warehouse analyst for Household Int’l. Chris joined us in 2000. He hopes to return to Scotland and stand “on the line” with the Monaghan Pipe Band.

Chris Jones

Joe Korber Joe Korber has recently joined our ranks after serving as the pipe sergeant for the New York city Department of Corrections for ? years. Give us some info Joe.

Joe Korber

J.C. McMenamin J.C. McMenamin began playing pipes at age 16 as part of the Archbishop Molloy High School Pipe Band. A student of Christy Dowling, J.C. has competed in Monaghan’s grade five unit.

J.C. McMenamin

Colin Meagher Colin Meagher is a piper and a big shot banker. Need more info Colin.

Colin Meagher

Kenneth Meagher Ken Meagher has been a member of the Monaghan Pipe Band since the 1999 season. Ken comes from a family with an extensive history of piping and drumming, as there have been four generations of Meaghers associated with this tradition. Ken first started playing the pipes under the tutelage of his father, Pearse Meagher, and uncle, Tom Meagher. At 14 years of age, he became the youngest member of the NYPD Pipes and Drums. Ken attended Iona College where he played with the Iona College Pipe Band, along with current Monaghan Band members Joe Brady and Greg McLaughlin. In 1973, he became a charter member of the Kerry Pipers Band (Bronx, NY) and competed in Grades 4 and 3 with them as their Pipe Sergeant from the 1970s through the 1990s. Ken lives in Ridgefield, CT with his wife and four daughters. He has his MBA and JD, currently practicing corporate law in NYC.

Kenneth Meagher

Annette Mohan Annette Duffy Mohan began piping with Monaghan in 1976, at the age of 13. Of Monaghan lineage, Annette followed her father's foot steps into the band where she has also played with her brother and sister. Annette serves the band as its treasurer. Her husband Philip is the proprietor of Monaghan Floors and had long been involved with The Monaghan Football Club. A true Monaghan household.

 Annette Mohan

Thomas Munks Thomas Munks, our youngest member, came aboard this summer and first competed with the band at the Celtic Classic. A former member of the New York City Department of Corrections Pipe Band, Tom is ranked third in grade four junior and will compete in grade three solos in 2001.

 Thomas Munks

Byrne O’Sullivan Byrne Patrick O’Sullivan served the band as pipe sergeant from 1997 - 2000. This inovative composer has written "100% Fat Free", "Pipe Major Thomas Hoins" and "Lucky 13th". Byrne further serves the band by typeseting all the piping scores.

 Byrne O’Sullivan

Alex T. Young Alex T. Young, need some info Alex.

 Alex T. Young

Drum Corps

Snare Line

Gordon Bell Gordon Bell leads the Monaghan Drum Corps. Gordon has long been respected as one of the Premier drummers in the United States, and has been recognized as a world class drummer by the very best. Click here for more information on Gordon.

Top Drummer

Martin Duffy Snare Drummer Martin Duffy first joined the band in 1979. He has served the band as its drum sergeant from 1981-1982, 1991 - 1994, and 1997 through 2000. Martin is a professional fundraiser and is employed by Changing Our World, Inc. and is a very active drumming instructor in the tri-state area. Martin serves as an officer-at-large for the EUSPBA's Executive Committee, and as the vice-chairman of the EUSPBA's Metro Branch. Martin mantains this web site with his wife Valerie.

Martin Duffy

Gregory McLaughlin Greg McLaughlin is a fixture in the pipe band drumming community in the New York area. Greg was a long time member of the Inis Fada Gaelic Pipe Band where he made his mark as a corps leader, a soloist, and a teacher. During his tenure as drum sergeant of Inis Fada, the band won several grade three championships. As a soloist, Greg enjoyed several years as one of the country's top players. At his peak, Greg won seven open contests in a single season. As an instructor, Greg taught many fine drummers in many bands. His relationship with the Monaghan Pipe Band began as an instructor in 1978.

Greg McLaughlin

Richard Janniello Richie Janniello is now in his second season with Monaghan and is a grade two soloist. Richie formerly headed the drum corps of Greenwich Celtic. He is a Fordham University graduate and currently works as a Server Administrator for JP Morgan. He is married to alto drummer Marianne Janniello.


Richie Janniello

Andy Hamilton Andy Hamilton returns to the Monaghan drum corps fresh from a season spent honing his skills with the Grade II Saffron United Pipe Band. Andy began drumming as a teen-ager in the County Tyrone Pipe Band of New York where he grew up playing with his father, brother and sister. Andy has studied under some of the finest pipe band drummer’s on the East Coast including Gordon Bell, Dennis Burke, John Ruxton and Jon Quigg. He has also studied percussion with Chet Doboe. While attending the University of Hawaii Andy competed with the Honolulu Pipes & Drums in both Hawaii and Alaska. Andy organized the East Coast Percussion Conference, which offered seminars in every aspect of pipe band drumming and access to some of the greatest practitioners of the art. While currently competing as a Grade II solo snare drummer, his strongest discipline, Andy is also a tenor drummer and a piper. In addition to drumming in the same band as his brother Dan, Andy also works in the same publishing company, CMP Media, Inc. as an Assistant Production Manager.
 Andy Hamilton

Tom Colgan Tom Colgan started playing in 1980 with the County Tyrone Pipe Band. Over the years his drumming odyssey has taken him to the Glen Rock and Greenwich Pipe Bands. He has served each of these bands as their drum sergeant. Tom is an executive editor with Penguin Books and lives in Bellerose, NY with his wife, Claudia, his daughter, Sarah, and his son, Pat.

 Tom Colgan

Denis Gordon Denis Gordon served as Monaghan's drum sergeant during its rebirth year of 1991. He has played snare with the band throughout its climb from grade five to grade three. During this time he has also been the consumate role player, taking any role needed within the drum corps to alow the band to compete. This includes playing lead tip for the grade five and playing rythm tenor and bass for the grade three. Denis originally hails form the County Tyrone Pipe Band and performed on FUV with the Brian Boru Pipe Band.

 Denis Gordon

TJ Hagan TJ Hagan was a long time member of the Inis Fada Gaelic Pipe Band. A student of Greg McLaughlin and Brendan Haligan, TJ played snare in a band that won several grade three champion supreme titles and progressed to grade two. TJ is from a family immersed in pipe band tradition. His father, Jim Hagan Senior, was a founding member of Inis Fada where he was the original pipe major. TJ's brother, Jim Hagan Junior, was part of the backbone of an Inis Fada pipe corps.
TJ Hagan

Mid Section

Rob Cirincione Tenor line captain Rob Cirincione began his drumming career in his high school band where he played bass and served as drum captain for three years. Rob competed in the T.O.B. circuit where his school won the Chapter 10 Championship three times. Rob went on to play bass and snare with the prestigious Hawthorne Caballeros Senior Drum and Bugle Corps. Rob began his transition to pipe bands as a snare drummer with the Bergen County Firefighters Pipe Band. Rob is a landscape designer with his family’s landscape firm in Northern New Jersey.

 Rob Cirincione

Joe Jacobs Joe Jacobs began drumming with his high school band and furthered his percussion skills as an acomplished kit player. Joe ventured into pipe band drumming as a snare drummer with the Glenrock Pipe Band. After taking some time off from this idiom, Joe returned to the pipe band scene with Greenwhich Celtic where he played snare and bass. He now plays the baritone in Monaghan's mid section.

 Joe Jacobs

Marianne Janniello Marianne Janniello plays the alto drum in Monaghan's tenor line and serves as the grade five tenor instructor. A long time player with the Blackthorn Pipe Band, Marianne is married to snare drummer Richie Janniello.


Marianne Janniello

Dan Hamilton Dan came to Monaghan in 1997 after many years as a snare drummer with the County Tyrone Pipe Band where he played along side his father, sister and brother. He competed with Monaghan's grade five unit as a side drummer, then moved to the bass for their grade three outfit. He has decent rhythm for a white boy. Dan also serves as Monaghan's business manager. When he's not practicing with the band, one of Dan's favorite hobbies is studying and working on classic cars. Dan pays his grocery bills by working as an Account Executive at CMP Media, Inc. and currently resides in Huntington Station, NY with his wee wifey.

Dan the Man

Patrick Timmins Patrick Timmins serves as the number two bass drummer under the instruction of Dan Hamilton. Pat is a plaintiff's lawyer representing many trade union retired and active members who have developed lung cancer & asbestosis due to occupational asbestos exposure. Formerly an Assistant District Attorney in the Bronx where he prosecuted violent felons including murders, Pat is also available to do criminal background checks on bagpipers in the EUSPBA.

 Patrick Timmins

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