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The 1980s

He even makes his own pipes

Charlie Kron, 1982
Before becoming a successful bagpipe maker, Charlie enjoyed playing his pipes with Monaghan.

Recognize the Star Trek shirt on the right?

Martin Duffy and Colin Smith
Martin and Colin drummed together in the Monaghan band from 1979 through 1982.

We wore the McKenzie Tartan back then

Ft. Ticonderoga
L - R:
Brian Mulligan, Kevin McDonald, Gary Hanley. In the background on the left you can also see Bobby Costigan with the Monaghan bass drum.

The Greatest

Balmoral School
Second in from the left is Alex Duthart, the father of modern pipe band drumming. In this class picture from 1983, Monaghan's Martin Duffy is fourth in from the left.

Where the Nassau Feis use to be
Brian Smith