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That Seventies Band

We had color photos back then but this was from a newspaper clipping

At the Pioneer Club, mid-70s.
L - R: Dan Donelley, Bertie Patterson, Peter Duffy

The Wee Man

Robert Patterson
"Bertie" Patterson, a native of County Monaghan (Rockcorry), began instructing the band in the mid 1970's and was the first Pipe Major to take the band into the competition arena.

The Duffy Family

The Duffy Family
L-R: Martin, Peter, Linda and Annette

Ireland Tour

Glaslough, Ireland in 1979.
Front Row L - R: Pipe Major Bertie Patterson, Annette Duffy, Pipe Sergeant Brian Mulligan Second row: Peter Duffy, Dan Donnelly, Mike Evans Third row: Michael McDermott, Kevin McDonald Fourth row: tenor drummer Linda Duffy, bass drummer Thomas McDonald Fifth row: Drumming Instructor Gregory McLaughlin, Drum Sergeant John Mulligan, side drummer Martin Duffy.

Garden State Art Center

Garden State Art Center in 1979.
Back Row (more or less) L - R: Rosemary Hardding, Brian Mulligan, Timmy Smith, Annette Duffy, Peter Duffy, Thomas McDonald, Mike Evans, Kevin McDonald Front row: Martin Duffy, Colin Smith, Pipe Major Bertie Patterson, Drum Sergeant John Mulligan .