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The Pipe Corps

Monaghan's Mighty Drum Corps burst out of the gate this season with three firsts and two seconds in its first five U.S. contests, having only lost to the Delmar Drum Corps during that period. In this picture, the corps celebrates a band victory at Hunter where two firsts in piping along with seconds in ensemble and drumming brought the band a first in the grade three event. (L - R) Martin Duffy, Denis Gordon, Joe Jacobs, Richie Janniello, Marianne Marcellino, Rob Cirincione, Gregory McLaughlin.

Top Man John Wassman serves as the pipe major of the band, which makes him the piping instructor and the principal musical director. John is an open piper, a piping and an ensemble judge, and a sought after piping instructor. He has had enormous success as both a solosist and a bandsman, having come to us after historical runs with the City of Washington Pipe Band and the Parlin and District Pipe Band.
Drumming Fools

Tom Hoins Tom Hoins served as the band's pipe major from the band's rebirth in 1991 throught he end of the 2000 competitive season. He brought a world of experience with him from his playing days with two of Ireland's best bands; St. Patrick's - Donaghmore, and Ballinderry Bridge.

Tom will always have a place in the band's history. In Monaghan's seventy years, Tommy is not only one of the longest standing pipe majors, he was also the first pipe major to bring the band all the way to grade three.
Dan the Man
A few profiles to begin with...

Peter Brendan Duffy Pete first joined the band in the 1960s. He is a native of Clontibret, County Monaghan. His career with the band spans five decades and two generations, as his three children have played with the band.

For the past twenty five years, no name has been more synonymous with the Monaghan Pipe Band as that of Pete Duffy. He has always done yeoman's work in keeping the band going, doing anything and everything necessary to keep his band strong. All this, and years of playing and miles of marching.
Dynamic Trio

Gregory McLaughlin Greg McLaughlin is a fixture in the pipe band drumming community in the New York area. Greg was a long time member of the Inis Fada Gaelic Pipe Band where he made his mark as a corps leader, a soloist, and a teacher. During his tenure as drum sergeant of Inis Fada, the band won several grade three championships. As a soloist, Greg enjoyed several years as one of the country's top players. At his peak, Greg won seven open contests in a single season. As an instructor, Greg taught many fine drummers in many bands. His relationship with the Monaghan Pipe Band began as an instructor in 1978 when he taught a crew which included an 11 year old Martin Duffy who today serves as Monaghan's lead drummer. Greg helps shape the backbone of our drum corps. He contributes a great deal of music and guidance in molding what has become one of the grade's top corps.

Greg resides in Bayside with his wife, Edna Marie. He works at CBS News where he is an editor for the news magazine "48 Hours". Greg studied communications at Iona College, where he also served as the drum sergeant of their band.

Greg McLaughlin

All in the Family Richie and, as of November 18th, Marianne Janniello. Richie is a ranking prize winner amongst grade three snare drum soloist. Marianne plays the alto drum in Monaghan's tenor line and serves as the grade five tenor instructor. This happy couple will celebrate their wedding on November 18th and will begin living happily ever after in Harrison, New York.

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